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Benefits of Massage and Stretching after a Workout


Take care of your body after a workout can confer many benefits for your body and your brain.  A post-workout massage can soothe sore muscles, get rid of stiffness and alleviate pain and muscle spasms caused by your exercise.

Massage Therapy and Stretches will help your muscles repair themselves and function well during exercise and while at rest.  Because Massage Therapy works on the soft tissues of your body, such as the muscles, tendons and ligaments, it can help your body become flexible and maintain its full range of motion.  This can improve your future workout performance as well as prevent future injuries.

Increased Flexibility :  regular Massage release muscular tension, returning tight constricted muscles to their normal state of length.  Increased flexibility can make  daily activities such as bending over, standing, squatting or carrying items easier.  Improvements in flexibility can improve sports performance.

Improved Circulation :  Massage and stretching help break down lactic acid, relieve tight muscles and improve blood circulation throughout the body.  Blood carries oxygen to the muscles. Improved circulation means more accessible oxygen during a workout routine.

Pain Treatment and Pain Prevention:   It is always important  to Treat the source of the problem and alleviate symptomatic pain and prevent future injury. Tight muscles can lead to pain in different parts of the body. Tight gluteus  hamstrings and quads can cause knee and hip soreness. Stretches and Massage loosen up muscles and treat soreness related to tight muscles. Massaging and or Stretching muscles that are used during exercise can help reduce or eliminate post-workout soreness. 
Range of Motion :   Tight muscles create imbalances that may prevent joints from going through their proper range of motion, but when muscles are in their relaxed and natural states, joints can go through their normal range of motion.  Stretches and Massages break down tight muscles, improving  range of motion, and  increasing exercise performance,  while preventing  injury and pain during a workout. 
Elimination of Toxins : During exercise, the body accumulates lactic acid which contributes to muscle soreness and early fatigue during a workout.  Stretching or getting a Massage will help break up lactic acid and remove it from the muscles.
 It is also important to keep your body hydrated after a Massage. Drinking Water after a massage helps the body flush out any accumulated materials in the muscles which were released during the massage. Especially in the case of deep tissue massage.

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