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Since it is such a busy time for all of us, and since the holidays, as joyous as they are, can add to our stress, I thought I’d share this week some of the practices that helped me to recenter during the holidays.

Today, pick a day (or a few hours on a day) from your calendar between December 15 – 31 to relax. Seriously! Make an appointment with you to get a MASSAGE, then watch an endearing movie, read, or meditate and take a bath reading your favorite book. If you plan for self care now – you can truly invite the possibility of a less stressful holiday season.

Do you dare or does it seem way out too impossible?

Well, I have more 8 tips to help you in this Holiday season!!!

1. Remember to BREATHE.

When I am stressed out, which is rare but still happens sometimes, I forced myself to STOP what I was doing and to simply take some deep, grounding, relaxing breaths first.

2. Make a LIST.

I am a list-maker (my husband actually taught me  this technique few years ago! ) and it helps me to have it down on front of me, on paper, so the details are not racing around in my head, causing free-floating anxiety.


Once the list is created,  it’s time to order it in terms of urgency and priority. What absolutely has to happen now? What can wait? I reflect on what needs to be done, and put it in order.

4. LET GO of nonessential.

While juggling events, clients, packing and still moving forward with my big-picture dreams for the coming year – like moving to a new house,  getting a new puppy, applying for CEU’s classes, and getting together with my friends as much as I can– I simply have to let go of some tasks that don’t need to happen right away. Some of the housecleaning will have to wait until New Year’s!

5. Be in ACTION.

Getting the urgent and important priorities taken care of can help us to RELAX again.When our list seems overwhelming, simply getting some tasks checked off the list can help us to keep going with the feeling with mission accomplish.

6. Call on others for SUPPORT.

There are always people willing to help!


Each time my anxiety would rise up again, I’d remind myself to stop and breathe, remind myself that this busy weekend would be over soon and that I would be relaxing with my family! Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

8. And don’t forget to TAKE CARE OF YOUR HEALTH !

We can’t be of service to others unless we are also getting adequate healthy food, water, rest, and doing what we need to do to take care of ourselves. Don’t forget to take care of your own health!

Remember to Treat Yourself To The Massage You Deserve! and Enjoy the Holidays Season!!!!!



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