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Migraine – Massage Can Help!

Managing Migraines: Find Peace of Mind Through Massage


The agonizing pain associated with the migraine has been reported for centuries.  Massage therapy has long been described as a non-invasive way to manage pain and bring about some degree of relief for the migraine sufferer.
A migraine is a moderate to severe pain in the head, and can be accompanied by nausea as well as sensitivity to light. In some cases, these painful headaches are preceded or accompanied by a sensory warning sign, such as flashes of light, blind spots or tingling in your arm or leg.

Management of migraine pain has improved in the last decade, but there’s still no cure, medications are now much more effective. Additionally, alternative treatments like massage have been found to reduce the frequency and severity of migraines.

Massage is a great way to manage stress and relieve tension- two of the main causes of migraine headaches.  Massage coupled with an in-depth look into lifestyle habits and environmental causes with positive actions to take control over triggers can alleviate pain, decrease the duration or intensity of pain – even eliminate the migraine.

Take stress for example. Physical or mental stress impedes your quality of life. It can perpetuate or initiate sickness. A relaxing massage can decrease stress and promote a sense of overall wellness.

Massage technique can relax abnormal tension in the muscles in areas commonly associated with migraine pain. These include the neck, shoulders, trunk and jaw. Gentle soothing techniques, such as kneading or long gliding strokes to the neck, shoulders and scalp can significantly reduce pain. Depending on the severity of your migraines or tension headaches, your therapist may utilize a Reflexology, Swedish massage, or other methods that address your specific requests and needs.

Gentle pressure along the forehead, back of the neck at the base of the skull and around the eyes and jaw can calm trigger points, those areas that may cause sudden or radiating pain. Gentle stretching techniques, especially of the neck and shoulders can increase range of motion and decrease spasms or muscular contractions.

Different bodies respond differently to pressure points during the massage.   If you want more information about  Massage and pressure points to avoid/eliminate Migraine, contact Lemongrass Massage Therapy, LLC. A professional will also be able to give you a complete treatment for relief or prevention of migraine headaches.

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